Albert Freidman


Mr. Friedman is a Principal of Alterna Tax Asset Group, a Principal of Alterna Capital Management and President of the Alterna Mortgage Income Fund, a Commercial Real Estate Debt Fund.  In addition, Mr. Friedman sits on the Board of Directors for the National Tax Lien Association (NTLA).  Prior to joining the General Partner, Mr. Friedman was the Director of Mortgage Asset Management for a diversified real estate lending, asset management and development group where he specialized in commercial mortgage lending and mortgage asset management.  Mr. Friedman helped build the mortgage asset management business from approximately $60 million to a portfolio of over $200 million in real estate-backed loans.  Mr. Friedman also held previous engagements as President of a retail company; President of an AMEX listed company that he took public in 2000; Chief Operating Officer of an AMEX listed internet company that he helped take public; President of an investment banking firm; and Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of a NYSE listed retail company with over $200 million in sales.

Robert Konrad


Mr. Konrad is a Principal of Alterna Tax Asset Group, a Principal of Alterna Capital Management and the President & CEO of Alterna Financial LLC, a financial services company based in Florida.  Alterna Financial is the parent company to Alterna Wealth Management, Alterna Capital Management.  Mr. Konrad is also a Director of Financial Management Systems, a Chicago based debt collections/data efficiency company working with the US Department of Education. He holds a B.A. in Consumer Studies - Business from Syracuse University, and began his career in the financial services industry during his career in the NFL.  Mr. Konrad served as a gubernatorial appointee to the Florida State Board of Administration - Investment Advisory Council.  The State Board of Administration, a constitutional entity of Florida state government, manages 30 investment funds, comprising over $184 billion in assets under management.  The Florida Retirement System (FRS) Pension Plan is the fourth largest public retirement plan in the U.S. and comprises roughly three-quarters of total assets under SBA management.  The Investment Council (“IAC”) provides independent oversight of SBA's funds and major investments responsibilities, ranging from the Florida Retirement System programs to the Lawton Chiles Endowment Fund.  Mr. Konrad served as the Chairman of the IAC.

John de Guzman 

Director of Acquisitions

Mr. de Guzman is the Director of Acquisitions for Alterna Tax Asset Group, LLC, and leads a team of analysts for the firm. Mr. de Guzman was formerly a Portfolio Analyst and Manager at M.D. Sass Investors Services, Inc. from 2001-2011, where he was involved in all aspects of tax lien investment and portfolio management for the $300mm operation. M.D. Sass’ tax lien investment and portfolio management business consisted of five funds across eighteen tax jurisdictions, acquiring over $100mm a year in new liens and subsequent investments.